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Home Windows 101

New Construction
Most homeowners are probably familiar with the term “builders grade.” This term is common jargon in the commercial construction world but the customer can translate this to mean “the cheapest materials available.” Obviously the homeowner doesn’t want cheap materials anywhere near their home, especially used in areas as important to home efficiency as windows. Customers of AMSCO Windows can be rest assured that high-quality products are used in all of their products, even including their budget friendly series’ such as Vista and Studio.
Replacement Windows
There are many reasons to consider replacing old single-pane windows even if they might appear to perform their basic function. Below I’ll list some reasons that don’t involve the neighborhood baseball game…
Energy Efficiency
Perhaps the most important reason to replace old single-pane windows is to save on your energy bill. This was my number one reason for replacing my old single-pane windows in a basement guest bedr…
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AMSCO Windows Care & Maintenance

AMSCO Windows’ commitment to quality and customer service is the company’s top priority. You will be hard-pressed to find better quality and service anywhere in the Salt Lake City area. However, once AMSCO’s installers have finished their job, it’s up to us, the customer, to keep our windows clean and clear. Below I’ve given the customer some tips, the Do’s and Don’ts of window care and maintenance. 
Do’s: ·The first step of a thorough window cleaning is to wipe down the surface with a non-abrasive cloth and to vacuum the dirt and debris from the sill and track area. This is important because dirt tends to get caught in these small spaces, which can affect efficiency and performance. ·Clean and window glass and frame with a mixture of mild dish soap and water. Then rinse again with only clean water. Finally, dry, making sure to use a non-abrasive cloth. ·Most vinyl AMSCO Windows have drainage or “weep” holes. Make sure to keep these clean and clear of dirt or debris.  ·Clean window screen…

Spring Cleaning Preparation Tips

Spring cleaning might not be something you spend time preparing for. Most of us are aware of the impending responsibility of spring cleaning but if you’re anything like I was, procrastination is your friend. After buying my first home, I knew I’d have to be proactive if I wanted to accomplish all the chores involved in spring cleaning while maintaining my busy work schedule. I tried to harken back to my days at University around finals time when planning and time management was a must. Using some of these tried and true strategies, I’ve put together a list of tips to help prepare for the equally dreaded challenge of spring cleaning. 1.First Things First When I purchased my first home there was so much that needed to be done it was overwhelming. However, some things were much more urgent. When spring cleaning time rolls around, take a deep breath and make a list of the top priorities for your home. Put the big and most important jobs first and work your way down to the more benign chor…

AMSCO Window Installation

The proper installation of your new AMSCO Windows is critical in order to gain the benefits of better performance. Poor installation can undo all the added benefits of replacing your windows in the first place. Whether you consider yourself a do-it-your-selfer or prefer professional help, the information below will help you get started with you new AMSCO window installation.
The first step to any window installation is to consult the InstallationMasters guidelines prepared by AAMA  Typically, a professional installer will already be familiar with these guidelines but it never hurts to double-check. 
Day of Installation
When the big day comes, take a deep breath and start by doing some basic prep of the workspace. Most installers will request that you remove curtains, curtain rods, brackets, and anything else obstructing the work area. Also clear furnishings away from the area to give installers plenty of room. The installation area will become a temporary construction site and therefo…

The AMSCO Windows Warranty

The AMSCO Windows Warranty
It’s always good to know you have peace of mind when making a large purchase for your home. AMSCO is dedicated to high quality products built to last. However, should anything ever happen, all of AMSCO Window products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty Should any defects arise in AMSCO’s products, they will replace or correct them as necessary.
A Part Of the Community
AMSCO Windows has been in the Salt Lake Community for over 60 years. With this level of local commitment you can have complete peace of mind when you go with AMSCO Window products.
AMSCO’s Commitment To The Customer
It was apparent to me right away that AMSCO’s commitment to customer satisfaction is more than just a marketing ploy. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and concerned with helping the customer find the right dealer and contractors for the job. AMSCO does not sell direct to the customer but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care about helping you find the right people for …

Replacement Parts For Your AMSCO Windows

Life Happens! AMSCO Is Here To Help
AMSCO Windows is one of Salt Lake Cities premier window companies because it offers the best quality product available and second to none customer service. Complete AMSCO window products are not sold direct to customer and must be purchased through a local trusted dealer. However, AMSCO offers an online parts store that offers replacement parts for all your specific needs. On AMSCO’s online parts store customers can search for replacement parts such as window handles or locks or buy upgraded parts for extra security or aesthetic purposes. Visit AMSCO’s online parts store for more information about replacement or upgraded parts. AMSCO Replacement Parts Store

About AMSCO Windows

AMSCO Windows is one of the premiere window companies in Salt Lake City, Utah. For over half a century AMSCO has lead the industry in making the best possible vinyl and composite windows. AMSCO’s ingenuity and use of the newest manufacturing technology has kept them on the cutting edge of the industry. AMSCO’s commitment to the best quality ensures complete customer satisfaction and the lifetime warranty takes out the worry typically associated with home renovation. 
Why Choose AMSCO?
My experience with AMSCO has been nothing but positive. Admittedly, I was overwhelmed when I began researching the process of installing new windows in my main floor bedrooms. Ultimately, I decided to go with AMSCO because of my very positive customer service experience. AMSCO takes great pride in their customer service and this was apparent from the first quote I requested to the final installation process. In my long and varied experience of reviewing local companies, I can say without a doubt that AMS…